You ARE enough

We may think that whatever we do, it will never be enough.

We can never work enough, love enough, make enough of an impact.

Our voice alone will not create change.

One more vote will not change the outcome.

Helping just one person will not help everyone in need.

Alone, we cannot change the deep underlying issues of our society and our planet.

True, not alone. But if you make a difference to one person today, they can make a difference to someone else tomorrow, and that person can then also make a difference. A virtuous cycle begins. A ripple effect, if you will.

Feeling overwhelmed

Some days I feel overwhelmed by the depth of the issues in the world. I want to crawl into my own little life and selfishly live as comfortably as possible within the realms of my world. I am not an activist. I am not a hero. The problems that our planet and society face today are just so huge that I will never be able to impact them anyway. How can one person be enough to create change?

But then I flip it on its head.

Everyone can have a positive impact

You don’t need to be an activist or a hero to have a positive impact. Simple gestures in your daily life can go a long way.

Treat others how you want to be treated.

Smile at that stranger that is looking sad on the bus, instead of staring at the floor.

Hold the lift for the lady who is running towards it as the doors close, instead of pressing as fast as possible on the “close doors” button.

Let the honking car pass ahead of you graciously instead of swearing and slamming on the breaks.

Buy a sandwich for the homeless person you walk past every day without seeing, instead of ignoring them.

Take the time to listen to your friend’s problems without being distracted, instead of juggling the phone, preparing the meal, and shouting at the kids in the background.

Recycle. Waste less food. Turn the lights off when you are not in the room.

Show empathy to those you lead.

Show empathy to everyone in your life.

Teach your children those values.

Teach them that they too, can have a positive impact.

The ripple effect

The COVID crisis has accelerated the culture shift towards a more sustainable and inclusive economy. The innovators and early adopters who have been fighting for our planet, our environment and our society for many years are now seeing a larger majority of the population waking up to the fundamental issues that our society is facing. We are at the dawn of a new economy, where people & planet will be at the center of successful business. Where empathy and sustainability can no longer be ignored. Companies and brands will need to start accelerating their change curve to adapt to this new reality.

But in the meantime, every one of us has a unique role to play to making our world a better place. If everyone of us makes a small impact every day, then the ripple effect begins. So remember, you ARE enough. Go make a difference. Go make an impact!



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Christina Bouglass

Brand builder, strategist, writer, food lover. Passionate about building meaningful brands that have a positive impact on society, culture & environment.