Get out of your head and follow your heart

Nature’s heart

What’s your goal in life? This is something that we have probably all pondered over, challenged ourselves on. Many of us probably have a very admirable goal that we want to achieve. Get promoted, become the next CEO, start our own company, earn a 6-figure salary.

The pressure of “life goals”

The problem with these “life goals” is that there are only two possible outcomes: we will either spend our entire lives under pressure to achieve them or we will reach them. And if we reach them, what happens next? Is there a feeling of ultimate satisfaction and fulfillment? How long does that last? Once you achieve that goal, you will inevitably fix the next goal to move onto. And the cycle starts again.

The gift of life is the journey to get there

We therefore spend our lives focused on an end game, a final goal. And we forget that the gift of life is not the goal but the journey to get there. We take on challenges as a means to an end instead of enriching experiences. We use our contacts to get ahead instead of building meaningful relationships. We play with our kids whilst our minds are racing away elsewhere. Our eyes flicking back and forth to our phones. All the time thinking, planning, moving towards THE GOAL.

But fulfillment will not simply come from reaching your life’s goal. It will come from how you live the journey to get there. Embrace challenges as enriching experiences. Nurture relationships along the way. Be present and enjoy those meaningful moments. Your head may be leading the way towards that goal, but your heart will determine how you travel there.

We only get one chance at life. So start enjoying the journey instead of focusing solely on the end game. Or, in other words, get out of your head and follow your heart. Life can only become more enjoyable.



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Christina Bouglass

Brand builder, strategist, writer, food lover. Passionate about building meaningful brands that have a positive impact on society, culture & environment.